Reservas de oro de Venezuela caen a 150,2 toneladas a enero 2018, según informe del FMI

Jorge Sanchez, 24, shows a gold-mercury amalgam at a gold mine in El Callao, Bolivar state, southeastern Venezuela on February 25, 2017. Although life in the mines of eastern Venezuela is hard and dangerous, tens of thousands from all over the country head for the mines daily in overcrowded trucks, pushed by the rise in gold prices and by the severe economic crisis affecting the country, aggravated recently by the drop in oil prices. / AFP PHOTO / JUAN BARRETO



Las reservas de oro de Venezuela registraron una caída de 11,95 toneladas para llegar a 150,2 toneladas del metal a enero de 2018, mostraron el lunes datos del Fondo Monetario Internacional.

Por su parte las reservas de oro de Argentina aumentaron en 6,8 toneladas a 61,7 toneladas en abril de 2018, dijo el FMI.