Guaidó: Plan País has mapped out the route for rebuilding the country while fighting the dictatorship

Guaidó: Plan País has mapped out the country’s reconstruction route while we fight against the dictatorship. Photo: Centro de Comunicación Nacional.


We have a plan: Plan País, a great national agreement that achieved the consensus of all sectors, built by hundreds of Venezuelans at the same time that we fight against the dictatorship and attend to the humanitarian emergency. Because it is necessary to trace the route that will allow us to meet again as a family and develop our country once we achieve the transition”. This is how the President in charge, Juan Guaidó, opened this edition of the program ‘¿Cuál es tu Plan?’ of Plan País dedicated to the solutions that the National Assembly and the Legitimate Government have worked on and continue to work on.

By CCN – Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Guaidó warned that time matters. “The more the dictatorship remains in power, the more difficult the process of rebuilding Venezuela will be”. He called on Venezuelans to give the regime its last defeat in the streets because it has already been defeated politically, diplomatically and internationally.

The President in charge announced that they have managed since Saturday to get 3 thousand healthcare heroes to join those who have already downloaded the wallet to obtain the aid program promoted by the Legitimate Government in recognition of their work and to strengthen the fight against the pandemic in the country.

“We managed to overcome many obstacles. The threats and persecution of the regime, building an infrastructure with new technologies for the collection of the bond, an innovative license, accountability mechanisms; but in the end we managed to circumvent the dictatorship and help a sector that today is paid between 2 and 4 dollars per month only,” said Guaidó.

The interim Head of State emphasized that to not depend on the dictatorship, on the social control it exercises, to give freedom to those professionals of what to do with that money is to defeat the dictatorship while sowing a seed of the Plan País that can be achieved with the cessation of the usurpation.

“We will work with all the mechanisms we have in order to extend the program to the education sector but the truth is that only a National Emergency Government will be able to obtain the resources to extend this direct aid to all the vulnerable sectors affected by the complex humanitarian emergency, to stabilize the economy and to obtain the external financing that will allow us to start up this whole reconstruction route of Venezuela”, he reiterated.

The Unitary Route

Guaidó stressed that many things have come together: “the lack of knowledge about fraud in 2018, the international recognition of the Legitimate Government, the global mobilization to help address the complex humanitarian emergency that we have been denouncing for years. The assessment today must be to see what we have missed and to fulfill it to achieve the transition, not to destroy everything we have achieved so far knowing that the regime is responsible for this whole crisis. (We need) constructive criticism and in unity”.

He assured that today we are closer, because even before the process of December 6th, the world has already denounced it. “Just as we complied with Heroes of Health, we are going to comply with Venezuelans in achieving the transition in Venezuela”, he stated.

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