Venezuela: US spy captured near oil refineries

Photo: Manaure Quintero – Reuters


The arrest came amid a severe nationwide gasoline shortage, a development that is likely to worsen the political relationship between the US and Venezuela. “The gringo empire wants revenge,” said Maduro.

By DW – Deutsche Welle – Germany

Venezuelan authorities captured a US spy targeting two oil refineries on the north Caribbean coast, claimed President Nicolas Maduro on Friday.

The country has been struck by a severe gasoline shortage amid ongoing political turmoil and US-imposed sanctions tied to Maduro’s controversial 2018 election win.

The spy was allegedly “a marine who was serving as at CIA bases in Iraq” and who was captured with “heavy weapons” and “large amounts of cash,” said Maduro.

The arrest took place on Thursday. The man was interrogated about his activities around the Amuay and Cardon refineries in Falcon state.

Authorities on Wednesday “discovered and dismantled” a “plan to cause an explosion” at a third refinery – El Palito, the closest to Caracas and located in Carabobo state.

Maduro blamed the US for the incident, saying: “the gringo empire wants revenge against Venezuela.” He added: “It wants to prevent Venezuela from producing all petroleum products, gasoline.”

The Venezuelan president urged the nation’s oil workers to be on alert for more attacks.

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