Regimes target the faithful in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

A nun prays next to the charred remains of an image called “Christ’s Blood” after an attack with a Molotov cocktail at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Managua, Nicaragua, on July 31. Photo: Oscar Navarrete – AFP – Getty Images.


Freedom of religion is under attack in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, due to authoritarian regimes determined to control expressions of faith.

By Share America

Aug, 26 2020

Dictators in the countries, or their proxies, have burned churches and harassed or teargassed worshipers, U.S. Agency for International Development Acting Administrator John Barsa told an August 20 discussion on religious freedom in the three countries.

“These attacks on religion are pure violations of human rights, plain and simple,” Barsa told participants who joined the online event hosted by Outreach Aid to the Americas, a Miami-based group that provides assistance in South America and the Caribbean. “Every man or woman should be able to practice their God-given right to freedom of conscience.”

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