UN report is Nicolas Maduro’s black book

Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela. Photo: CCN – Centro de Comunicación Nacional


Representative Delsa Solórzano assured that the report presented by UN investigators denouncing crimes against humanity by the regime is historic for Venezuela and referred to the document as Nicolas Maduro’s black book.

By CCN – Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Sep 20, 2020

This was stated this Sunday in a press conference where she insisted that in Venezuela human rights violations continue to be committed and she denied the statements by Jorge Arreaza and Tarek William Saab last Saturday.

“Yesterday, the accomplices in the torture, of arbitrary arrests, of all the crimes against humanity tried to distort and to discredit what is in the report and they also made fun of the victims.

She affirmed that within the framework of that “horrendous statement” yesterday, the referred officials confessed that in Venezuela there are violations of Human Rights. “They spoke of the detention of those who attacked Rufo Antonio Chacón Parada, but it is a lie, those people are free”.

Furthermore, she pointed out that after this statement it is again evident that in Venezuela there is no possibility of justice, that is why the International Criminal Court must act immediately.

She informed that in Venezuela at this moment there are more than 300 political prisoners that continue to be held, kidnapped by the dictatorship”.

The press conference was attended by Congressmen Rosmit Mantilla and Adriana Pichardo, in addition to family members and victims of human rights violations by Maduro’s dictatorship.

Also, Representative Mantilla indicated that the UN report what has done is tell the truth, “the truth that we have been denouncing in our own flesh and the truth that the National Assembly has denounced.”

He narrated his experience inside the El Helicoide after more than two and a half years in which he was a victim and spectator of torture.

Zarai Agostini took the floor as a representative of the families of the seven victims of the “El Junquito Massacre” to demand international justice. At the same time, she indicated that many of the relatives are outside the country and although the representatives of the interim government of Juan Guaidó in the different embassies have provided them with protection to continue with the denunciations, it has not been easy.

In this sense, the political scientist and activist of the Venezuelan Nationalist Movement, Vasco Da Costa, released from prison after more than two years in a military prison, said that the cynicism of the regime is reaching incredible limits.

He affirmed that for the regime to denounce and tell the truth is the crime, “that is why Tarek William Saab is threatening to return the pardoned to prison”.

To conclude, Molly de la Sotta, sister of Captain Luis Humberto de La Sotta, currently imprisoned in the dungeons of the General Directorate of Military Counter-Intelligence (Dgcim), affirmed with documentation in her hands that Maduro’s regime is aware of the torture that her relative has suffered in prison.

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