Interim Government delegation had a strong participation in UNGA 2020

Delegation of the Interim Government had an outstanding participation in UNGA 2020.
Photo: CCN – Centro de Comunicación Nacional


For three consecutive weeks the delegation of the Interim Government, led by President-in-Charge Juan Guaidó, participated prominently in events and bilateral meetings within the framework of the High Level Meetings around the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations, which began on Monday, September 21st.

By CCN – Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Oct 12, 2020

The delegation, which also included the Presidential Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Julio Borges; the Ambassador in France, Isadora Zubillaga; the Ambassador in Spain, Antonio Ecarri Bolívar; and the Commissioner for the United Nations, Miguel Pizarro; and designated ambassadors from different countries, was in charge of once again raising the voice of Venezuelans before the world by denouncing the grave violation of Venezuelans’ Human Rights and the crimes against humanity committed by the regime, which were also recently evidenced in the report of the Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela, established by the UN Human Rights Council. Similarly, the worsening of the Complex Humanitarian Emergency and the need for urgent measures to attend to the victims were central topics of discussion for the delegation.

Of special importance on the delegation’s agenda was the rejection of the electoral fraud called for by Nicolas Maduro’s regime for December 6th, 2020. Also, the need to hold reliable, free and credible presidential and parliamentary elections in Venezuela, and the importance of continuing to increase the coalition of allies to strengthen the support of the international community in order to maintain and increase pressure on the regime that will lead to the search for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Venezuelan crisis.

On September 23rd, 2020, President Guaidó had the opportunity to address various State representatives in which he asked the international community to align efforts and not to remain indifferent to the political, economic and social situation of the country, and to divulge the Venezuelan crisis. Likewise, the President and the delegation participated in private and public events organized by groups of experts, strategic and think tanks and non-governmental organizations, such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies; The Atlantic Council; Inter-american Dialogue; the Annual Concordia Summit, among others.

Finally, the efforts of the delegation also allowed for bilateral meetings and encounters with Foreign Ministers and diplomatic delegations from different States, these with the objective of expanding the coalition, rejecting the electoral fraud of December 6th, warning about the worsening of the pandemic in the framework of the Complex Humanitarian Emergency and joining efforts to continue denouncing human rights violations. Among the meetings held were those with Australia; Latvia; Estonia; Costa Rica; Italy; Japan and Portugal. In these and other meetings were led by Borges and participated the delegates of the Government in charge, as well as the Commissioner for the United Nations, Miguel Pizarro.

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