Venezuela’s opposition condemns the torture of detained soldiers

Press photo – Venezuela Project


The Venezuelan opposition, a group under the image of President Juan Guide, on Saturday condemned the military’s recent detention by the government of Nicolas Maduro and those considered “political prisoners”.

By The Cleveland American

“Our institutional officers of the Armed Forces who are imprisoned for upholding the Constitution are being tortured and subjected to the worst prison conditions,” Venezuelan opponent Julio Borges was quoted as saying.

“We urge human rights organizations to raise their voices and put pressure on the (Maduro) regime,” Borges added on Twitter.

At least 123 soldiers have been jailed in Venezuela for opposing the Maduro government, according to Foro, a local NGO that protects those considered political prisoners.

One of them, Army Colonel Johnny Megias Laya, was arrested on January 30, 2019, according to an account prepared by the Penal Council, the details of his case are not yet known.

Relatives of the man wearing the uniform have denounced the fact that he was subjected to physical and psychological torture during his detention and while in state custody.

Maria Gabriel de Megias, the wife of a jailed military officer, on the same day condemned the military’s denial of medical care and medication to treat certain ailments.

“My husband Colonel Johnny Mejias Laya has been over 8 days old and he was not given some of the pills sent to him because he was bleeding and urinating,” the woman said on Twitter.

According to Borges, the Maduro government is working with its ally Cuba to “destroy” the Venezuelan armed forces.

“That is why it persecutes and imprisons those who are a role model within the company. The world can not allow one more outrage and we demand full freedom for all soldiers who have been unjustly detained,” he said.