Venezuela’s Maduro aims to ‘whitewash’ image with concessions, Guaido says

Photo: Manaure Quintero – Reuters


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is seeking to “whitewash” his image abroad with recent political changes seen as favorable to the opposition ahead of state and local elections in November, opposition leader Juan Guaido said on Wednesday.

By Reuters

 Jun 30, 2021

Venezuela’s electoral council this week lifted a ban on a major opposition coalition from participating in elections, and Maduro said he would no longer appoint “protectors” loyal to the ruling socialist party in states led by opposition governors. 

However, on Wednesday Venezuela’s comptroller Elvis Amoroso said that a February ban on Guaido and some 27 other opposition figures holding public office was still in effect.

Guaido reiterated that he would be willing to negotiate with the government over terms for free and fair elections in the once-prosperous OPEC nation, now beset by a deep political crisis. The opposition labels Maduro a dictator who rigged his 2018 re-election and has clung to power by persecuting rivals.

“It is natural for Venezuela’s democratic alternative to be skeptical about the word of the regime,” Guaido told reporters, adding that Maduro was seeking to “whitewash himself…to buy time, to ease international pressure.”

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