Venezuelan opposition head Guaido calls for release of activists

Photo: Gaby Oraa -Bloomberg


Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido demanded the release of a human rights activist and two others who were detained on charges of treason for reporting on the armed conflict along the border with Colombia.

By Bloomberg

Jul 3, 2021

“Reporting the presence of guerrillas, kidnapping of soldiers and violation of human rights is not a crime,” Guaido said in a post on Twitter.

A Venezuelan court charged Fundaredes leader Javier Tarazona and two other activists for treason, saying their actions incited hatred and terrorism, according to their lawyer Clara Ramirez. The three are being brought to a new detention center, cutting their access, she said by phone.

Tarazona was arrested on Friday in Falcon state, she said. The head of the non-governmental organization, or NGO, had visited the public prosecutor’s office in Caracas on Wednesday to report alleged links between members of the government and illegal armed groups, she said.

Besides Guaido, several local human rights NGOs and Human Rights Watch director Jose Miguel Vivanco also demanded their release.

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