Defense of Deputy Guevara requested habeas corpus because no court knows about his case

Photo: Centro de Comunicación Nacional


Atty. Omar Mora Tosta, member of the defense team of Deputy Freddy Guevara, requested this Tuesday in the Palace of Justice a habeas corpus in favor of the parliamentarian, considering that his constitutional rights were violated after verifying that there was no judicial entity (no court or judge)hearing the case.

By Centro de Comunicación Nacional 

Jul 13, 2021

“We reviewed all the courts and none claimed to have heard of Freddy’s case, which means that in theory there was no request that had been processed by any prosecutor of the Public Ministry before any court before this arbitrary detention,” he explained.

The jurist confirmed that Guevara is a victim of arbitrary detention and forced disappearance. “By virtue of yesterday’s statement, we presumed that he was in the Sebin, but we went there and they said that he was not there, that they had no information. He is missing, he is kidnapped on Maduro’s orders. Kidnapped by the action of Tarek William Saab, the illegitimate prosecutor,” he specified.

Kidnapping ordered by Maduro to distract

The leader and founder of Voluntad Popular, Leopoldo López, denounced that the forced disappearance of Deputy Freddy Guevara was ordered by Maduro, and executed by the illegitimate prosecutor of the Public Ministry, Tarek Saab, to distract public opinion about the protests that recently have been occurring in Cuba.

“They detain him, first of all, to distract everybody from what is happening in Cuba. Let us remember that Nicolás Maduro is a person who acts, and has always acted, in the interest of that country and at this time Cubans are raising their voice for the first time in many years. I have no doubt that Maduro was asked by Cuba to take some actions to distract (public opinion),” the Venezuelan politician explained.

He also argued that the kidnapping of Guevara was also used as a distraction element to the armed confrontations in ‘Cota 905’ and ‘La Vega’ in western Caracas. “These criminal groups, by the way, have been armed, promoted and defended by the dictatorship itself. There is evidence of all of this, videos, photographs and events that for years the representatives of the dictatorship did to create armed groups that later took the path of violence.”

Mr. López specified that the armed gangs represent a defeat for the regime, which did not know how to deal with the situation. “Just as they were defeated in Apure when they faced the Dissent FARC, Nicolás Maduro has also been defeated by the armed groups that exist and have taken over the popular sectors in Caracas. To justify his defeat, Maduro always looks for an excuse.”

The Cry of a Father

Freddy Guevara Sr. assured that the Deputy for Voluntad Popular (VP) decided to take the risk and stay in Venezuela, within the framework of the negotiation process that is being carried out in the country with international support. “I confess to them that sometimes we felt safe and we thought they were not going to dare, ‘don’t be mortified, that’s not going to happen,’ that is what even Freddy thought.”

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