Venezuela talks adjourn after ‘constructive’ weekend

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Negotiations between the Venezuelan government and an opposition coalition will resume over 3-6 September following a “constructive” weekend, the parties to the talks said in a joint statement today.

By Argus Media

Aug 16, 2021

Venezuela’s Sebin intelligence agency freed prominent political prisoner Freddy Guevara who was detained on 12 July. Upon his departure from the Helicoide detention center in Caracas this evening, the opposition lawmaker said he was unaware of the conditions of or reasons for his release.

Venezuelan legal rights group Foro Penal says Venezuela has more than 260 political prisoners.

Brokered by Norway, representatives of the two sides signed an initial deal on 13 August in México City, and continued talks through the weekend.

“Recognizing the importance of inclusion, we discussed establishing a mechanism to consult with political and social actors that would be as inclusive as possible,” the statement said.

The initial deal signed last week laid out a broad seven-point agenda: universal political rights; universal electoral rights and a timetable for observable elections; lifting of sanctions and restoration of right to assets; respect for the constitutional rule of law; political and social coexistence, renunciation of violence and reparations for victims of violence; protection of the national economy and social protection; and guarantees to implement and verify what is agreed.

Modest aspirations

Venezuela has been subject to US financial sanctions since August 2017 and oil sanctions since January 2019 in a campaign originally designed to force President Nicolás Maduro to step aside in favor of a US-backed interim government headed by opposition leader Juan Guaido.

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