Guaidó in Human Rights Forum: The dictatorship intends to water down the crisis in Venezuela

Photo: Centro de Comunicación Nacional


The President of the country, Juan Guaidó transmitted a message of resistance and continuity in this struggle without rest until seeing and feeling justice in Venezuela, during the “First cycle of Human Rights Forums: Venezuela, from a democratic example to the kingdom of terror,” held this Wednesday, November 17th.

By Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Nov 17, 2021

“The most important message in these Forums is that we are not going to get used to it, nor is Venezuelan society going to get used to the crisis. We are going to move forward in the defense of the rights of Venezuelans. We are going to move forward until we see justice, until we feel that same feeling of peace we felt when they told Maduro directly from Miraflores that the ICC (International Criminal Court) was going to investigate him.”

He said that the defense of human rights in itself is the defense of the human being, but also of freedom and democracy.

In his participation, the president of the Interim Government recalled that in recent days there have been important results of what has been the Venezuelan democratic resistance, the clear complaints at the ICC and the consequent formal opening of the investigation, “the extraditions of relatives of the regime, financial operators posing as diplomats when in reality they are operators of hunger.”

“We have seen for years the pretense of relativization of human rights; the pretense of equating the victim with the perpetrator; to portray crimes as less serious with ideological excuses or economic financial affinity. We have seen that for years they talked about how Perlanete had been assassinated by the protesters themselves and years later they recognized that he was murdered by the unscrupulous action of excessive use of force to contain the peaceful demonstrations, as we denounce it.”

In the activity were present as speakers, moderated by the Deputy Olivia Lozano, President of the Foreign Policy Commission of the legitimate National Assembly: Elisa Trotta, Diplomatic Representative of the AN in Argentina; Deputy Delsa Solorzano, President of the Justice and Peace Commission of the AN; and Deputy Humberto Prado, Commissioner for Human Rights and Attention to Victims.

No more watering down crimes.

Once again, President in Charge Guaidó raised his voice against the relativization that the regime tries to impose on the crisis in Venezuela to lessen its importance inside and outside the country.

“With ‘relativization’ (sic), what the dictatorship intends to do is normalize the crisis that Venezuela is going through’. Let the international community get used to it, but especially the Venezuelans. We are not going to get used to it. While in dictatorship, we defend democracy in all spaces despite being victims of repression, but above all survivors. We are going to defend democracy, the objective of having free and fair elections in Venezuela. Presidential and parliamentary elections that solve the crisis.”

He pointed out that “being under a dictatorship a week ago we defended democracy in Nicaragua, we rejected Ortega’s fraud.”

Finally, he said that “democracy has many pillars”, but without a doubt the defense of human rights, the resistance demonstrated by Venezuelans in the denunciation and protection of the victims “will be central at this time and in the future of the country.”

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