President Guaidó: Maduro is and will continue to be illegitimate and investigated by international justice today and in November 22

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“Venezuela has a great challenge in the coming days and that is to unify the fight to rescue democracy. Our duty is to channel the great discontent and frustration of our people and guide it without hesitation or half measures to achieve what the country cries for, getting rid of Maduro and the dictatorship to end this tragedy. That is what every Venezuelan says when questioned: How are you? And the regional leaders who have walked the streets and accompanied the most vulnerable know this,” in this way the President in Charge of the country, Juan Guaidó, began the message he sent to Venezuelans regarding the fraudulent event on November 21st.

By Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Nov 19, 2021

This Friday November 19th, through his social network accounts, the President of the Interim Government recalled that the regime “tried to set a false dilemma” to divide the democratic alternative through its own mechanism of demand and struggle: the vote. When the reality is that in the country “there is an unequal and unfair struggle, without conditions, that there is not even gasoline for the population, but there is for the regime, that we are in a dictatorship and that is the origin of the crisis.”

“The truth is that there is no dilemma, here is a certainty: Maduro is and will continue to be illegitimate and investigated by international justice today and on November 22nd. Maduro’s attempt to relativize and normalize the crisis will not work.

The question is not voting, it is to fully exercise our rights

The President in Charge of Venezuela was emphatic in reiterating that the conditions that would make the November 21st event a free, fair and verifiable election do not exist .

“The electoral power in Venezuela is not independent, it is preempted by the dictatorship, the cards of all the political parties of the Unity are still kidnapped, and their symbols have been given to leaders coopted by the dictatorship, that is, scorpions. They did not allow the return of exiles, nor have they released political prisoners, the advantage of the regime is total. They chain the media to promote the PSUV (government party), allow irregular registrations, make use of public resources, there is no fair game.”

Furthermore, he said that he hopes that the observation missions that are in the country, and those that will also come, present reports “that are not only a photograph of the day of the event, but also a clear image of all the abuses of the dictatorship.”

President Guaidó insisted that the tragedy is not to vote or not vote, but to be able to exercise our rights and choose our future.

“Our position on this event (on November 21st) has been very firm and in recent weeks, the facts have supported it: there are no conditions for a free and fair election in Venezuela. We have said that we respect the decision of some of the Unity parties that decided to go to the process as a tool of struggle, organization and exercise of the majority that we are in Venezuela. Also, the decision of the parties that will not participate arguing the absence of conditions, but that we all remain in the streets demanding those conditions, a National Salvation Agreement and presidential elections.”

The common goal is: fight

In the message that the President of the Interim Government sent to Venezuelans, he made a very special exhortation to those who decide to participate or not on November 21st: keep fighting!

“The call to all Venezuelans, to those who participate and to those who do not, is that on November 22nd, we continue to fight together for the objective that brings us all together: to rid of Maduro, to recover democracy, to overcome the crisis. To this end, we are going to insist on a comprehensive Agreement that provides urgent solutions and that allow and achieve free, fair and verifiable presidential and parliamentary elections. Only in this way can we really change the tragedy we are facing.”

To the rank and file of all parties and especially to the young people who are in the streets fighting to change everything, he declared his respect and admiration for the resistance they have shown, knowing that “it is an unfair path full of traps”, where they have not had free access to media and resources, to name a few.

“To the regional leaders, I know of their honest work, my respect, and for those who manage to seize some space, my call that from there, from that role, where nothing will be easy because they will try to minimize it with ‘protectorates’ (protectores) and budget cuts like what we have already seen, they will remain a bastion of struggle for the greatest goal: the freedom of Venezuela. Without excuses and regardless of the harshness and circumstance that we go through. Our role is and must always be to serve the greater good.”

Finally, Guaidó asked once again “to not normalize” the dictatorship because the mistake of “re-victimizing Venezuelan society” would be made.

“I want to tell Venezuelans that I respect their decision, whether it is to participate or not. I understand both positions. If on Sunday your decision is to participate in that event, the call is to reject Maduro, challenge the dictatorship and defeat the scorpions. That is the real route that will get us to recover Venezuela.”

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