Venezuela governor’s election ruling sparks outcry

Photo: Miguel Zambrano – Getty Images


With vote count incomplete, Supreme Court bars opposition candidate from governor’s race in Barinas state, birthplace of Hugo Chávez.

By The Wall Street Journal – Kejal Vyas

Nov 29, 2021

As votes were being tallied in a hotly contested governor’s race, Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Monday stepped in to abruptly prohibit opposition candidate Freddy Superlano from holding office, leading to accusations that the election was being stolen.

The governor’s race in Barinas holds great symbolic value for the leftist regime, because it is the birthplace of the late Hugo Chávez, the populist strongman whose 1998 election as president set Venezuela on a road to Socialism. His brother Argenis Chávez has held the governorship since 2017 and has sought reelection.

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