Guaidó in Youth Day act: Nicolás Maduro, as much as you hide, you have an expiration date; and Venezuela its date of rebirth

Photo: Centro de Comunicación Nacional


The President in Charge of the country, Juan Guaidó, began his words at the Act of Youth Day, held in the Plaza Bolívar de Chacao on February 12th, proposing to the legitimate National Assembly the creation of the “Martyrs of Freedom Order”, to recognize the young people who have fallen in the struggle for freedom in Venezuela.

By Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Feb 12, 2022

“This Youth Day has found us in the streets again. Hope knows no fear. To the young Venezuelans and to the country we say: here we are, we have not forgotten you. Today we not only commemorate the Battle of ‘La Victoria’ of 1814, but now we say: we are not going to give up and we will continue forward until we see our country free.”

At the rally, he presented the country with the “Save Venezuela” Agenda, which consists of four strategic pillars to achieve free presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

The first of them is to turn faces against resignation: retake the organization and mobilization for the demand for rights; the second is International pressure: better international coordination and support for the process carried out by the ICC; the third refers to the revival of the negotiation process in Mexico and to build guarantees for all sectors of the country; and the fourth is Expanding and strengthening unity: calling for a grassroots process for the people to elect the leadership of the democratic forces at all levels.

Accompanied by young Venezuelans, students, deputies of the legitimate National Assembly and civil society, Guaidó ratified the commitment to the struggle and announced that he will travel to every corner of the country to stir consciences, organize, mobilize and exercise the majority in the natural terrain of this struggle: the streets.

“We are going to return to the streets of Venezuela, no threat is going to stop us. To the constant threats of the dictatorship I reply: here we are and here we will be until we see Venezuela free. We are going to give everything on the streets so that together and united we can recover Venezuela.”


The President in Charge of the country took the opportunity to send a clear and unequivocal message to Maduro, whom he reminded that he lives hidden in four walls.

“Nicolás Maduro, as much as you hide, you have an expiration date, and Venezuela a date of rebirth. Venezuela is going to be reborn as a Republic, as a nation.”

He also ratified his “immediate” disposition and that of the Government in charge to achieve a comprehensive agreement that puts an end to the crisis in the country.

He asked Venezuelans to organize and mobilize, as well as unity, because according to Guaidó, it is the cornerstone of the pillars of the struggle.

“We commit ourselves to organize in every corner of Venezuela and to strengthen the Unity, to incorporate more sectors, to renew leadership. Strengthening the Unity is to include, strengthening the Unity is to incorporate.”

Finally, he reminded the Venezuelan diaspora, which has a very important role in the fight for the country from every corner of the planet where they are, and invited them to join.

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