Venezuela opposition agrees to resume talks: Sources

Photo: Centro de Comunicación Nacional


The Venezuelan opposition led by congressman Juan Guaido has accepted an entreaty from pro-government organization and business leaders to resume negotiations, possibly as early as this month.

By Argus Media – Carlos Camacho

May 5, 2022

Sources within the opposition told Argus the talks were agreed to hours after Foro Civico, a Venezuelan non-governmental organization (NGO) that is trying to mediate talks, posted a letter on social media asking Guaido to reconsider sitting down with representatives from the administration of President Nicolás Maduro. Ricardo Cussano, a business leader who is friendly with the Maduro government, was one of 60 signees of the letter.

No party directly associated with the Maduro government has said it will take part in any talks. The last attempt at talks, brokered by Norwegian officials, ended in October when the government withdrew after a high-profile Maduro advisor, Alex Saab, was extradicted to the US to face alleged money-laundering charges.

A venue has not been named but previous efforts at dialogue were held in México City.

The Maduro government expressed renewed interest in settling disputes with the opposition in March, when the US sent a delegation to Caracas for preliminary discussions about possible lifting of sanctions on the country.

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