Diversity in the Medical Research Community: What KOLs Are Doing to Celebrate



It is pride month, and to help celebrate, the organization, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), are highlighting the diversity that is starting to show in the medical research community. What used to be a male-dominated industry is slowly turning the tide thanks to a wave of LGBTQ KOLs in the form of scientists and researchers coming in and being themselves, and KOL wants to recognize those that are making the biggest impact.

Most KOLs are experts within the fields of science and technology and have spent many years building their reputations, becoming influencers with trust amongst their peers. With accomplishments, the select number that makes the Key Opinion Leaders list usually have published research with accepted findings and expertise.

LBTQ KOls (Key Opinion Leaders)

KOLs want to spread the word about these experts, whose field areas range from biochemistry to anorexia nervosa and bioinorganic spectroscopy. These scientists and researchers have been inspiring a whole new generation to become scientists, doctors, or researchers.

Those who have made the KOLs list this year include:

  • Scott Keeney
  • Kat Hadjantonakis
  • Stefanie Elisabeth Windner
  • Kelly N Chacon
  • Raul Navarro
  • Carolyn Ruth Bertozzi
  • Lisa Diamond Raab
  • Jane Rigby

KOLs has a detailed article here, where you can read all about these key opinion leaders. The profiles included on the list look into what each Key Opinion Leader specializes in and their impact on the industry and LGBTQ community.

This is the perfect place to go if you want to remain updated about who is the one to watch within this industry or if you want to be inspired about how to leave your own lasting impact.

Within this list, take note of one of the Key Opinion Leaders included on this list, Lisa Diamond Raab. She will be appearing at the National LGBTQ Health Conference, which will take place from the 28th of July until the 30th of July in Chicago. The top concept at this conference will be LGBTQ, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Identity, HIV, LGBTQ Young Adults, LGBTQ Issues and HIV Prevention. Lisa Diamond will be present at t his event. Read all about her in the KOL article to give you an idea of what to expect from her.

About KOLs

When an individual is able to influence the behavior of others, is trusted by peers and has published articles, research, findings, and more all online, they can become Key Opinion Leaders or a thought leader in their field.

The KOLs website enables you to compare the level of any influence a Key Opinion Leader has compared to another.