Carabobo chemical industries have 80% idle capacity

Carabobo chemical industries have 80% idle capacity


The small and medium chemical industries in Carabobo State have at least 80% of idle capacity. As is indicated by a survey carried out by the Chamber of Small, Medium Industrialists and Artisans of Carabobo (Capemiac).

By Correspondent

Sheila Polanco, representative of the chemical sector in Capemiac, indicated that these companies only use between 20% and 25% of their installed capacity.

She pointed out that the State petrochemical companies no longer supply the raw materials needed with the same regularity as they used to in previous years, a situation that has affected the sector’s productivity.

Given this, producers have had to import the raw materials, thus impacting their cost structure. “Petrochemicals was a fundamental actor in the strengthening and growth of this sector of SMEs,” she added.

Ms. Polanco pointed out that other factors that have influenced the drop in production in these companies in the chemical sector are the lack of financing schemes for industrialists and the economic contraction caused by the several year recession.

“There are no viable financing schemes, which means that the entrepreneur has to pay up-front for raw materials out of his own pocket, without any type of financing, and often sell the finished product on credit,” she pointed out.

The representative of the chemical sector in Capemiac considered that in order to increase the productive activity in the industries, it is necessary to have financing and supply of inputs.

In addition, she mentioned that quality public services are needed so that workers can carry out their work. “It’s very difficult to get all the machines turned on if we don’t have constant electrical supply,” she said.

Ms. Polanco recalled that the products manufactured in the chemical sector are present in the area of personal care, home, cosmetology, industrial, among others. Likewise, it supplies lubricants and resins for other companies, such as metalworking.