Dark details of the femicide of Dr. Nardy Mora are revealed: the crime that shocked Valencia

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Five days after part of the remains of the doctor and nurse, Nardy Mora, were found in the EU (Educational Unit) “Rafael Guerra Méndez” in the Santa Rosa sector in Valencia, the Criminal and Judicial Scientific Investigations Corps (Cicpc) revealed details of the case through its Instagram account.

By La Patilla

Aug 30, 2022

The General Director of the Cicpc, Commissioner Douglas Rico, reported that Yonattan Figueroa, 45 years old, was the intellectual and material author of the event that shocked Carabobo State’s society. On Monday night, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered that Figueroa be imprisoned for the crime of “aggravated femicide” committed against the doctor.

Rico indicated that after investigations it was determined that the subject, who worked as a watchman near the area, had been harassing Dr. Mora for days. On August 24th, while the doctor was in the Santa Rosa sector, Figueroa grabbed her by force and took her into a room, where he hit her with a sledgehammer on her forehead and left her unconscious.

“Subsequently, he used a machete with which he cut off her limbs until completely dismembering her, threw some parts of the corpse to a pig that was kept in the place, so that it ate them, threw other parts into a river, and incinerated inside a steel barrel  the parts that remained,” detailed Director Rico.

During the police procedure, a Redmi phone belonging to the victim was collected as evidence; another Alcatel cellphone owned by the victimizer, as well as a wheelbarrow, two sledgehammers, a machete and a jug containing sawdust.

Figueroa has a criminal record for the crimes of sexual violence against a minor, aggravated robbery, and illicit possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Various protests have been generated around the femicide of the 45-year-old doctor and nurse. This Tuesday, the nursing and civil society union concentrated on Bolívar Avenue in Valencia, very close to the Chamber of Commerce, to demand justice.

The President of the College of Nursing in Carabobo, Julio García, lamented the fact, while demanding that the law enforcement clarify the remaining questions of the event.

“We ask for the maximum sentence of 30 years, that this work environment be reviewed, the issue of a pigsty (in a school), the admission (employee selection) system in hospitals, why that person with a (criminal) record was released,” García questioned.

In addition, he requested that security devices be installed in the CDIs (Integral Diagnostic Centers), outpatient clinics and popular clinics, located in rural areas.

“There have to be conditions where safety is guaranteed. Many times the clinics have to close the doors, because the security system is not guaranteed. There have been cases of violence and shooting, these things happen and are real,” said the nurses’ representative.

According to the report of the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence in Carabobo, violence against women was a constant in the first half of the year. According to their statistics, between January and June they recorded 12 femicides in the region.

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