Industrialists and artisans from Carabobo, on the lookout after the reopening of the border

Members of the Bolivarian National Guard of Venezuela are seen today while patrolling their side of the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, from Cúcuta, Norte de Santander (Colombia). EFE / Mario Caicedo


After the reopening of the Colombian-Venezuelan border last Monday, September 26th, representatives of the Carabobo Chamber of Small, Medium Industrialists and Artisans (Capemiac) remain on the lookout and hope that the event will translate into commercial benefits for both countries.


The President of Capemiac, Antonello Lorusso, pointed out that due to the exemption from the payment of tariffs for finished products brought into Venezuela and other contraband, Colombian articles had an unfair advantage in the Venezuelan market.

He indicated that 90% of goods were brought from Colombia, while Venezuela only exported 10%.

“Now putting the rules into their proper place, where they now pay the taxes and the goods that enter Venezuela by other means are controlled, the competition is going to be very even between both nations or between all businessmen,” he explained.

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Antonello Lorusso, President of Capemiac

Mr. Lorusso affirmed that the industrialists in Carabobo want to open markets abroad and increase the export of products with a Venezuelan stamp. However, he stressed that they must wait for the synergy of these commercial exchanges.

On the other hand, the President of Capemiac stated that many companies have closed their doors after being unable to pay the high tax burdens.

Given this, he considered it important to reach an agreement with the authorities in the calculation of taxes.

“It is not that we stop paying taxes, it is paying rates that are much more comfortable and favorable, because it is good that many of us pay little and not that few of us pay a lot. The intention is that the people who went into the informal sector, return to being formal entrepreneurs,” he maintained.