Emergency in Aragua: Overflow of rivers and streams causes material losses and deaths after the tropical wave

Shocking images of the tragedy in El Castaño, photos by @Glenson11 and @jr_laza from @Elperiodiquito


The passing of the tropical wave through Aragua State has generated flash floods and overflows of rivers and streams, as well as landslides flooding in various areas of the state.

By Marianny Castellanos / LaPatilla

Furthermore, three people are reported dead and 50 houses have been affected. This is the terrible balance left by the overflow of the Palmarito ravine on Monday afternoon in the north of Maracay.

According to reports of the authorities, it was learned that those affected were transferred by helicopter from El Castaño to the “Parque del Ejército” (Army Park), where they receive medical care from the protection and other assistance organisms if required.

It was learned that due to heavy and continuous rainfall in the mountainous area of the city, the road to Choroní (Town on the coast of Aragua) remains closed by landslides.


The Obstructed Road To Choroní


Likewise, the Turmero River located in the Santiago Mariño Municipality overflowed near the Aragua’s Bar Association. Officials were deployed to carry out clean up operations on the “Intercomunal Maracay – Turmero” Avenue.

For its part, the Madre Vieja River in the Girardot municipality increased its flow level. However, it did not exceed the overflow level.


“Quebrada Los Patos” in Las Tejerías Within Its Bed


Although information was spread through social networks that the Los Patos stream in Las Tejerías overflowed, this was denied by the inhabitants. “It has normal water levels, but it is not overgrown or anything,” they assured.

Similarly, the Curiepe stream in the Revenga municipality, as well as that of Maletero in José Félix Ribas and Pipe in Bolívar Mun., did not exceed their water levels either, since according to the report of inhabitants “it did not even rain in Revenga”.

However, the “Pie de Cerro” River was another of the streams that increased its level due to the heavy rains, staying within its course without affecting the area.