María Corina Machado: We cannot allow the CNE to be the one who counts the votes in the primaries

María Corina Machado: No podemos permitir que el CNE sea quien cuente los votos en las primarias





This Saturday, November 19th, the national leader of the “Vente Venezuela” party, María Corina Machado, visited Anzoátegui State with the aim of advancing the organization of party structures towards the presidential primary elections scheduled for next year among opposition parties.

Javier A. Guaipo // Correspondent

Precisely regarding said electoral event, Ms. Machado emphasized that the National Electoral Council (CNE) cannot be allowed to be the one who counts the votes, since it would be giving Nicolás Maduro’s regime the opportunity to get involved in the opposition process and carry out some maneuver that would favor him.

“People are not going lay low if CNE is involved in these elections. In a country where even the results of “Miss Venezuela” (very popular beauty contest) are distrusted, we cannot go like little lambs to a rigged election. We must go in like lions to defend our will.”

The former Deputy to the National Assembly added that the newly appointed primary commission is committed to organizing this unprecedented event in its transparency, inclusion and openness.

“We assume that these 10 people understand the historical responsibility that weighs on them and that they are clear that they owe it to 30 million Venezuelans. That is why we will be attentive to each decision they adopt.”

To prevent the CNE from intervening these primary elections, the leader proposed that a manual voting process be carried out, as occurs in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Germany, among others.

“They cannot tell us that in these nations there are no resources to acquire an electronic system. It is a matter of trust. Furthermore, this method gives us the possibility of raising the bar and telling the regime that this is how we Venezuelans want to vote,” she pointed out.

Ms. Machado noted that Vente Venezuela has suggested that the primaries should be held as soon as possible, as long as there is enough time for it to be impeccable from an organizational point of view.

She also affirmed that they will fight firmly so that the entire Venezuelan population that is abroad can exercise their right to vote in what she considers a unique opportunity to defeat Chavismo.

“We are not going to accept excuses. People are tired of deception and cheating. That is why we call on all civil, cultural, political, religious and other organizations to join this fight to transform the country.”