Freddy Superlano and his call for unity: We must follow the example that Barinas set

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“This November 21st, we celebrate the democratic unity demonstrated a year ago in the regional elections in Barinas, where the regime did not accept the defeat that we dealt the Chávez family,”  euphorically stated the leader of the Voluntad Popular party, Freddy Superlano, as he left after a thanksgiving mass at the “Nuestra Señora del Pilar” Cathedral.

By La Patilla

Nov 21, 2022

The “Voluntad Popular” militancy (Popular Will) in Barinas took to the streets this Monday to commemorate the victory of the opposition in 2021, led by Freddy Superlano as a candidate for Barinas State Governor, over Argenis Chávez, who was the third member of the Chávez Frías family slated by the regime to occupy the chair of the Government Palace in Barinas state.

Apart from the mass, the celebration included a floral offering in the Plaza Bolívar, and later they walked to the small square of the “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” church, this being the place where the opposition factors concentrated for several days demanding respect for the electoral results of November 21st, 2021.

Mr. Superlano, who at that time was removed from the electoral race being disqualified by the Comptroller General of the Republic, did not faint in order to ratify that the unity of all political parties had constituted a force supported by the people, and on January 9th of that year they managed to celebrate the victory with the recognition of Sergio Garrido as governor.

The happiness of retelling this recent history allowed Freddy Superlano to urge the opposition to defend Democratic Unity, participate in it and not forget the example that Barinas set.

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