The price of gasoline on the black market in Táchira shoots up to almost 1.5 dollars

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Strangely, all the “pimpineros” (black market sellers of fuel, pimpina = container) in the state of Táchira do have gasoline reserves for sale and are selling a liter of fuel for up to 7,000 Colombian pesos (1.5 dollars), denounced the deputy Hugo Saavedra (About U.S. $5.68 a gallon).

By La Patilla – Anggy Polanco

Nov 21, 2022

Mr. Saavedra said that the “pimpineros” abound in the city of San Cristóbal and its neighboring highways.

“The pimpineros have gasoline, but the government doesn’t?” He wondered. He urged to review this situation that implies corruption in the distribution of fuel unleashed again in this border region of Venezuela.

He pointed out that heavy rains are registered throughout the country, but all other states do have gasoline. “But now it seems that the only damaged roads are those that communicate with Táchira,” he said.

“We are the only state in the country sacrificed due to the low production of gasoline,” said Hugo Saavedra.

The legislator explained that there are several factors that influence the absence of fossil fuels in the state, although the “Fuel Table” (governs controlled consumer group) indicates that the reason is that there is damage to the roads caused by the rains that affects distribution, which is understood because it is raining a lot in the norther part of the state.

However, in his opinion, this is not the cause of the non-production of gasoline in the country.

“The problem is that there is a shortage of production in the Venezuelan refineries, and they are not producing the necessary quantity that all Venezuelans require, especially those from Táchira State,” he assured.

He recalled that the refineries in Venezuela are not 100% operational and this is simply an excuse that Maduro’s regime and the Táchira Fuel Board have, blaming the shortage on the rains.

During the weekend, the Andean state remained with all service stations closed, which ended up generating panic the people of the state, due to the fact that during the past week the sale of fuel was made according to the license plate terminal digit, and nevertheless long queues were generated .

This Monday, the allotment started with two license plate number terminals in all the municipalities of the region. Despite this contingency plan applied by the Fuel Board, there are still long queues, since in San Cristóbal only eight stations were enabled.

In the region there is also a delay in the arrival of domestic (cooking) gas, reported Gas Táchira, supposedly caused by the same situation of deteriorated roads, particularly the Machiques-Colón highway and the Pan-American highway.

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