Sucre was positioned as the state of Venezuela with the highest rate of youth unemployment

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According to the eighth edition of the National Survey of Living Conditions of Venezuelans (Encovi), 14 out of every 100 workers between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed, the highest rate in the entire country.

By La Patilla – Víctor Federico González

Nov 22, 2022

The survey maintains that the youth population is looking for work, but cannot find it.

María Castañeda, a 21-year-old girl, explained to “La Patilla” team in Sucre that she has been looking for work for several months but the few that she gets are temporary, mostly because the companies are not willing to fully grant labor benefits. Other jobs that she has found do not meet her expectations.

“The few jobs that are available in Cumaná are three-month contracts, because the employer does not want to pay Christmas bonuses, vacations and other benefits that are required by law,” said Castañeda, who is a high school graduate.

Ms. Castañeda added that she had an experience in which she worked for more than three years in a cafeteria and when it was time to pay her off, she was only paid the equivalent of 50 U.S. dollars. “It is unfair, and many times to avoid problems, one does not go to the pertinent instances to demand ones rights,” she said. In addition, she assured that she was not registered, as corresponded, in the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss).

On the other hand, Juan León, who is a university technician in Computer Science, has dedicated himself for more than a year and a half to the repair and maintenance of air conditioners and refrigerators because he does not get any opportunities in his area.

“Dedicating myself to refrigeration I can make more than what someone who earns a monthly salary, because everything will depend on the number of jobs I attend during a week,” he said.

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