Anzoátegui state: The people denounce that chavismo has another unfinished project in Guanta

Anzoátegui state: The people denounce that chavismo has another unfinished project in Guanta

Anzoátegui: The people denounce that Chavismo has another unfinished project in Guanta


More than two months have elapsed since the chavista Mayor of Guanta, Natali Bello, announced that some “pilotines” (piles) arrived in the municipality that these would be used to repair the retaining wall of “La Culebra” ravine, which partially gave way due to the heavy rains that hit the town in the past year.

Javier A. Guaipo // Correspondent

However, the opposition councilors David Rondón and Erick Infante denounced that the works have not even started while the structures remain in the middle of the street without any type of signage, which can result in an accident.

“We are making this call of attention, because we do not have any warning signs (that would alert drivers). These piles arrived here November 8th. They brought these “pilotines” to solve the problem of the failing retaining wall and at this point there isn’t any kind progress,” said Rondón.

Mr. Infante reiterated that the concrete piles in the middle of “Calle Real” can cause an accident with fatal consequences to people of Guanta, for which he ask both the regional and municipal governments to address this problem.

“As representatives elected by the people before the Municipal Chamber, we ask that the recovery and repair work of the retaining wall of the La Culebra ravine begin.”

The councilors added that, far from solving one problem, the ruling party has created another, since the piles are a kind of obstacle that puts both drivers and children, adults and the elderly who travel daily through this main road at risk.

Finally, they indicated that they join the clamor of people from Guanta and visitors who use Colombia Way and “Calle Real” on a daily basis, as well as the families and residents of “Calle Anzoátegui”, so that this problem can be promptly resolved.