Bret Baier: There is ‘no end in sight’ to Maduro’s reign in Venezuela

Photo: FOX News


Nicolás Maduro has returned to power following Juan Guaido’s removal.

By FOX News

Jan 17, 2023

Fox News host Bret Baier analyzed the changing political landscape of Venezuela on “Special Report.”

BRET BAIER: Four years ago, the world watched as Venezuelans took to the streets demanding a change in leadership. Since those violent protests, demonstrations in Venezuela have dwindled. Millions have fled north adding, actually to the far reaching migrant crisis that we see at our southern border. Most of those left behind in Venezuela live in poverty. And Nicolás Maduro remains in power. It comes as Venezuela’s opposition replaces its leader, Juan Guaido. Many around the world are questioning the move and wondering if it gives the group a fresh start or hands Maduro even more legitimacy.

Guaido inspired change for Venezuelans who took to the streets to protest life under the Maduro regime. But the Guaido’s supporters were met with violence from the government military. Cuban guards were used to protect Maduro and he ordered the crackdown on the opposition.

The opposition party is likely to hold primaries sometime this year, with Guaido expected to be involved. The winner would face Maduro in 2024. However, experts say Maduro could move up the general election to this year in an effort to catch the opposition off guard and create further disarray. Bottom line, U.S. officials who once said President Maduro’s days were numbered miscalculated because those numbers are still growing every day with no end in sight.

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