University Intergremial demands guarantee of the right of peaceful protest

Photo: La Patilla


This Thursday, the University Association of Guilds and Trades mobilized from Bolívar Avenue in Maracay to the Aragua State Government building to be received by the Chavista regional Governor, Karina Carpio.

By La Patilla

Jan 19, 2023

However, the massive march was blocked before they reached the government headquarters by a police picket who prevented the passage.

In spite of this a commission made up of representatives of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the University of Carabobo (UC) and the El Libertador Pedagogical University (UPEL) delivered a document to the regional government secretary, Pedro Luis Álvarez.

In the document that collected the signatures of the main spokespersons for university education as well as public sector workers, they exposed the causes that keep them firm in their protest in the streets.

Precariousness and destruction of wage income, guarantee to the right to peaceful protest, the abandonment of physical infrastructure of schools, hospitals and universities, and the precarious conditions of public services that deteriorate the quality of life, were the four points raised by all the protesters.

After the threats in recent days by the “colectivos” (irregular government supported armed gangs) to teachers and other protesters, who have been in the streets since last week, the regional executive promised to guarantee the right to protest.

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