Workers at the Coromoto Hospital in Zulia are intimidated by its director (Videos)

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After the death of Freddy Domínguez, a “Petróleos de Venezuela” (PDVSA, National Oil Company) worker last Tuesday, because he didn’t receive medical attention on time, complaints intensified against the PDVSA authorities and the “Coromoto” hospital.

By La Patilla

Jan 22, 2023

The workers resumed the complaints and protest about the lack of an ambulance, medical equipment and personnel to provide first aid to PDVSA employees.

This clamor is joined by the employees of the same Coromoto Hospital, a healthcare center dependent on PDVSA. Everyone, from doctors to the cleaning workers, denounce harassment, threats of dismissal and acts of corruption by the board of directors.

During this past week in the healthcare center the managers have gathered the workers separated in groups to force them to sign a statement in favor of the Director, Mayreth Acosta, after rumors of her possible dismissal were known.

“If you are smart, you should sign the act in support of Dr. Mayreth, head of this hospital. Here no one can stop (protest, strike) or speak ill of her, who runs this hospital with dignity,” as told in the words of a unit chief.

The threats to workers who do not sign are related to dismissing them with a black file and accusing them of theft.

Likewise, the workers denounce that they are denied medicines and medical supplies.

“They ask everything of us. If they are going to operate on us we must even bring the gloves. They do not give us medicines either, but they do have everything for their friends and to extract these out of the hospital,” said a worker.

Acosta, director of the Coromoto Hospital, also eliminated social aid cases, attention to common citizens.

A demonstration by the various oil workers unions in Zulia is planned for this Monday to demand the dismissal of Dr. Acosta.

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