What the pensioners received was gone in a breath: It is barely enough for a kilo of meat

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Some described this situation as a disgrace, because it is practically impossible to consume such a basic food, but the worst thing is that there are not many alternatives that allow them to eat even for a week with that amount of money.

By La Patilla – Javier A. Guaipo

Jan 24, 2023

“The only thing this revolution brought was misery for the people. Decades ago I bought the amount of food I wanted and in the place of my choice. Now I have to come to the municipal market, where everything is surrounded by garbage and bad smells, to half stretch the money,” commented Gilberto Belisario.

The older adult added that he went out this Tuesday, January 24th, to collect his pension of 130 bolivars and then went through the market to see what he could take home, but all this caused was make him cry.

“I lasted longer at the bank queuing up to withdraw the money than I used spending it. I bought half a carton of eggs (50 bolívares, less than 2.50 U.S. dollars) and cornmeal (25 bolívares, a little more than 1.00 U.S. dollars), and with that more than half went away.”

Some people indicated that they were able to see ground beef offers for Bs 120 or less, but they assured that this type of promotion is usually misleading, since it is usually fat painted with red coloring.

Other protein options such as chicken have an average value of Bs 60 per kilo in the Buenos Aires Municipal Market, the same as sausage.

“I bought two kilos of chicken feet that I got for 38 bolivars per kilo. However, there is not much that one can do with 130 bolivars (equivalent to a little more than six dollars), so tomorrow I have to find what to do,” said Julián Hernández.

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