Outbreak of salmonellosis in the population of El Castaño in Aragua has left five fatalities

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After a suspected outbreak of salmonella that has already claimed the lives of at least five people in the José Félix Ribas Municipality, Aragua State, this Wednesday an epidemiological fence was activated at the El Castaño community to assess the conditions of the neighbors.

By La Patilla

Feb 1, 2023

The affected residents of the aforementioned sector, located in the Zuata Parish, on the eastern part of the state have presented common symptoms such as fever, diarrheal cramps, vomiting, stomach pain and body weakness.

Some 18 brigades made up of personnel from the healthcare sector and government authorities, have been deployed in the town to carry out an analysis of the possible causes.

For this reason, the authorities deactivated five wells that supply drinking water to the area, while the inhabitants receive the liquid through “Hidrocentro” (Government utility company) tanker trucks.

Sanitary Collapse

Since Sunday, January 29th, the surgeon Jhander Delgado, has denounced the collapse of the José María Benítez Hospital, in La Victoria, caused by the large influx of patients with similar diagnoses.

“The JM Benítez Hospital of La Victoria collapsed by the influx of patients diagnosed with salmonella and the majority (come) from El Castaño. Attention!” He published on his Twitter social network account.

However, it was not until Tuesday, January 31st, that the Chavista Mayor of the Ribas municipality, Juan Carlos Sánchez, spoke out regarding the public health problem.

“In El Castaño, like the last days, we are attending to the situation of the families, feverish symptoms and abdominal distress. Taking preventive measures with the healthcare authorities. All the support to our neighbors. God protect us all,” read a tweet.

Until now, the healthcare personnel of the JM Benítez Hospital and the San José Social Security Hospital in Maracay work “with their nails” (bare hands) to provide the best care to those affected.

“The IVSS (Venezuelan Social Security Institute) and the José María Benítez Hospital continue to receive patients infected with salmonellosis. I have in high regard the work of all the staff who tirelessly and with their nails give their best to serve you. The cases have not decreased, but let us be sure that all this will improve,” said Dr. Delgado.

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