Tons of crops about to be lost due to lack of fuel in the Meridian páramo

Photo: Leonardo Fernández Viloria


The farmers of the upper highlands of the Miranda Municipality in Mérida are going through a ver unfortunate situation. They are losing their crops due to lack of fuel to transport them and distribute them to wholesale markets.

By La Patilla

Feb 2, 2023

The Miranda Municipality is the largest producer of vegetables of the country and are distributed nationwide.

“At the ‘La Venta’ and ‘Timotes’ service stations they receive fuel whenever somebody feels like it and can go up to a month without delivery,” said one of the producers, who preferred to reserve his identity.

“Fuel arrived at the La Venta service station about 8 days ago and it lasted 2 days, and the subsidized fuel company has not sent any mare for 22 days.”

He added that “when a truck with subsidized fuel arrives, it is a via crucis for our farm workers to fill up, because Toyotas (4WD jeeps) only have a 30 liters allowance and they pass the fingerprint for 50 and 60 liters (that are not delivered),” he denounced.

Those affected said that they have stopped planting their lands as a result of this situation.

They insisted that they have seen Mérida’s Governor only once. “They remember the peasants only when they need votes. For them, Miranda is Mérida’s backyard. We ask for gasoline, if not our crops are going to be lost”.

It was also learned that in Timotes up to a month goes by without fuel arriving at the “Arellano” service station.

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