Minors can now enter bullfighting activities in Mérida

Photos: Courtesy Jordin Morales @Jordin_Morales


This Friday it was learned that the Court of Execution, Mediation and Substantiation for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents ruled that minors can now enter the bullrings and activities related to bullfighting in Mérida State.

By: Jesus Quintero | Correspondent La Patilla

The information was confirmed at a press conference yesterday’s afternoon by the President of the Merida Recreational Complex (Coremer), Sharif Aisami, who also noted that children and adolescents must present a birth certificate to enter the bullrings, and go accompanied by their parents or representatives.

In addition, they will have a special entrance area to the bullrings of the State of Mérida.

For his part, the representative of the “Rodríguez Jáuregui” bullfighting company, José Luis Rodríguez, assured that the bullfights during ‘Feria Internacional del Sol’ (International Fair of the Sun) “will move more than 21 million dollars that will benefit the economy of Merida.”

In the same order of ideas and to finish, the representative of the “Manfredi López” bullfighting company Gabriel Manfredi, invited the anti-bullfighting groups of Mérida to attend the bullring to demonstrate if fighting bulls are subjected to any kinds of torture of any nature before entering the bullrings (…). We are going to start talking to dismantle all the myths on which the anti-bullfighting try to raise support (…) the bullfighting event creates a fair atmosphere to boost and energize the economy.

In the meeting with the media, they also created the Bullfighting Service Office that will work at the “Coremer” headquarters.