‘Woke’ Harry and Meghan ‘better’ suited to Venezuela or Cuba with their ‘far left views’


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s antics continue to alienate audiences on both sides of the pond, claims one royal commentator.

By ExpressAdam Chapman

Feb 2, 2023

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been accused of being “woke” and having “far left views” by a royal commentator – who says they should move to a new country. And royal enthusiast Nile Gardiner is not suggesting the UK. “With their woke far left views Venezuela or Cuba would be a far better destination,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Mr Gardiner’s comments follow the stinging result of a US opinion poll, which shows the Sussexes’ popularity plummeting stateside.

The recent poll of 2,000 eligible voters showed Prince Harry’s favourability rating drop 45 points from +38 in December to -7 in January.

Likewise, Meghan was found to be considerably less popular than Queen Consort Camilla, even after Harry’s criticism of his stepmother in his tell-all memoir, Spare.

The Duchess of Sussex had a net approval rating of -13 and Camilla is at -8.

Meghan was also more likely to be viewed negatively than positively by women.

Overall, 44 percent of Americans said they felt Harry should not have revealed private family conversations in Spare, compared with 26 percent who backed the prince’s decision.

And Harry was liked by 31 percent and disliked by 38 percent, while Meghan was liked by 26 percent and disliked by 39 percent.

The devastating opinion poll comes as no surprise to LA-based royal expert Kinsey Schofield.

“I am going to tell you something you do not want to hear, in the States the conversation is Harry and Meghan need to apologise and they need to move back to the UK,” said the royal enthusiast.

She continued: “That is what we are saying here in América, that they need to move back to the UK. I know that is the last thing Brits want.”

The host of the To Di For Daily podcast told GB News that it’s dawned on Americans the “only interesting thing” about the Sussexes was their connection to other royals.

She added: “They are not interesting people, they’re not exciting people, there’s nothing inside of them.

“They don’t provide anything and I think that what we liked about them was their relation to the British Royal Family, so I think that they’ve got to be closer to the British Royal Family.”

Ms Schofield added that the couple’s “oversharing” didn’t help matters, citing Harry’s admissions about Elizabeth Arden Cream and his frostbitten penis.

Harry has sparked criticism for spilling on royal life in his tell-all memoir.

The Duke includes explosive insights such as his physical altercation with Prince William and the critical portrayal of his stepmother Camilla, Queen of Consort.

Despite the Sussexes’ waning popularity, Harry’s book has been an overwhelming success.

Spare sold a record 1.4 million copies on its day of release.

And there’s more to come. According to reports, Harry and Meghan have signed a four-book deal with publishing giant Penguin Random House for an advanced fee of $20million.

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