BusMargarita executes massive layoffs and eliminates free transportation for kidney patients

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The BusMargarita workers are being subjected to psychological and verbal abuse by the president of that surface transport company, José Luis Serrano.

By La Patilla – Dexcy Guedez

Mar 16, 2023

Workers affiliated with the “Bolipasajeros” union of Nueva Esparta, who were fired this Wednesday, March 15th, denounced workplace harassment and mistreatment with the purpose of forcing voluntarily resignations.

This Wednesday, a group of 15 workers was surprised with the dismissal letter, while they wait for 12 more people to be affected with similar measures.

This situation happens just the same day the president of that company announced the Holy Week Tourist Route.

On behalf of these workers, Walter Sánchez, who was also laid off, urged the national authorities of that government company to stop these actions.

He emphasized that the dismissals are unjustified and even go to the extreme of using security forces to intimidate them. “He eliminated our production bonus, he does not pay us overtime or Saturdays and Sundays worked,” Sánchez denounced.

For his part, Jhonatan Díaz, who was part of the BusMargarita operational staff, confirmed that on Serrano’s orders, the route for kidney patients receiving dialysis sessions at the Luis Ortega Hospital in Porlamar was suspended.

“He eliminated the free service to these patients and established a rate of 15 bolivars per patient and 15 per companion, knowing that these people need free transportation because they are in great need,” said Díaz.

He considers this action inhumane, because it leaves patients who must receive hemodialysis and who reside in the most remote areas of the island, such as the Macanao Peninsula and Juan Griego, in serious difficulties.

“Of the 116 units that now make up the BusMargarita fleet, only 32 are operational and are used for special services to private companies,” he denounced.

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