Fedeagro proposes that banks guarantee financing to ensure food for Venezuelans

Fedeagro propone a la banca garantizar financiamientos para asegurar alimentos a los venezolanos


The President of the Confederation of Associations of Agricultural Producers of Venezuela. (Fedeagro), Celso Fantinel, proposed that: “Contract Agriculture” be implemented in the country to maintain and insure food production.

Correspondent lapatilla.com

During the expanded directory meeting that took place at the headquarters of the Association of Producers of the Guárico (Aprolegua), in Valle de la Pascua, Guárico State, Fantinel explained that financing support from public and private banks is necessary so that farm workers continue to contribute to the national economy and to the table of Venezuelans.

“Corn is the most important and extensive item. Farmers are making sacrifices and banking is recovering. Last year it disbursed more than 140 million dollars in a unique productive portfolio and we expect it to exceed 200 million (U.S. dollars) for the new crop cycle, in such a way that we need contracts to present them to financial entities,” he said.

Likewise, the head of Fedeagro communicated that it is necessary to have reference prices for corn facing the 2023 winter cycle (rainy season), all this in correlation with the high levels that are currently present in production costs, as well as the low availability supplies and fuel, among other things.

He urged the authorities responsible for citizen security to guarantee the protection of the production units, which every day suffer the attacks of organized crime.

“We expect more support from the National Executive in terms of security, we farmers are going to produce more food in quantity and quality for Venezuelans,” the trade unionist pointed out.

On the other hand, he reported an improvement in the productive sphere during the past year, with important numbers that encourage Venezuelan producers.

“Three years ago, 250,000 metric tons of corn were harvested and in 2022 a crop of 1,150,000 tons was achieved. In rice we are going for 430,000 tons and three years ago it was only 120,000 tons, while in sugar we are going for 3.5 million tons compared to three years ago when it was 1,800,000 tons,” he pointed out.