They demand that BusMargarita reestablish a transport route for kidney patients

Photo: La Patilla


The relatives of the renal patients who must receive the their treatment sessions in the “Doctor Edgar Moglia” Hemodialysis Unit, demand that Busmargarita authorities restore this transport route that it eliminated almost two weeks ago and affects around 40 people afflicted by this condition.

By La Patilla – Dexcy Guédez

Mar 21, 2023

The concern spreads among some patients who must receive dialysis up to twice a week, caused by advanced renal conditions.

A group of patients and relatives spoke from the lobby of that dependency of the Venezuelan Institute for Social Security raise the concern of those in charge of restoring this service, since some patients have had to be taken to the Shock Trauma Room of the Luis Ortega Hospital due to complications caused by not receiving hemodialysis on time.

The situation further affects patients residing in remote areas, such as the Macanao Peninsula Municipality and the city of Juan Griego.

“The president of Busmargarita, José Luis Serrano, requires that both patients and family companions pay 15 bolivars each for the bus fare and that is impossible, because we do not have money to pay this (amount). For example, each patient receives dialysis three times a week, and if he goes with a relative, he would have pay 60 bolivars each day, which multiplied by 3 would amount to 180 bolivars a week, which exceeds the minimum wage,” denounced a relative who requested anonymity for fear of fear of reprisal.

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