Oil workers: The epicenter of corruption is in Petrocedeño and the one who denounced was put in jail

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Oil workers in Anzoátegui assure that the PDVSA corruption plot was hatched from Petrocedeño.

By La Patilla

Mar 28, 2023

Union representatives from the sector claim to have been harassed and prosecuted when denouncing the corruption networks that were being forged from inside Petrocedeño and related companies as phantom contractors.

“Deputies, politicians, civilians, the military, a lot of people who were not part of the structure of the (oil) industry did and undid. Whoever denounced this was put in jail, harassed, even their families were attacked,” said Naih García, Petrocedeño union representative.

From this company, a parallel administration would have been created, through which the illicit activities linked to oil corruption were carried out bypassing the structure and legal controls on this economic activity.

Juan Salazar, representative of the Venezuelan Federation of Oil Workers (Futpv), affirmed that there are “false revolutionaries dressed in red infiltrated to create discontent and starve Venezuelan workers… sowing fear under threats.”

“We request Colonel Tellechea, Minister of Petroleum, the participation of the workers in the recovery of the company. Enough of PDVSA being a State within the State, a supra authority,” Salazar pointed out.

They request an audience with the regime’s attorney general, Tarek William Saab, to deliver evidence of criminal interests and contribute to the investigations that would allow the corruption network to be unraveled.

In addition, they maintain the fight for the collective agreement and the recovery of all the labor benefits that were gradually eliminated by what they call “the management bleeding the industry.”

Finally, they ratified their support for the efforts to eradicate these oil mafias, as well as for the recovery of the country’s main industry.

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