Barinas teachers are willing to expose abuses against the union before international instances

Docentes de Barinas, dispuestos a exponer ante instancias internacionales atropellos contra el gremio





The call of the union organizations of the teachers of Barinas State, this Wednesday was fulfilled in the Educational Zone (Regional Education Offices), in a peaceful way. There they presented their claims for decent wages, better working conditions and denounced the violations against the teaching staff as they continue to be registered.


Xiomara Morillo from “Sinvema” (One of the Unions) explained that some school directors and supervisors in the different municipalities showed up in the Educational Zone, looking for solutions to the different cases of abuses.

“We have come to demand respect for the labor rights of education workers in Barinas, because what they have been doing against them is an outrage,” she said.

“We are again in front of the Barinas Educational Zone and the demands continue to be for decent wages and better working conditions, but also against the abuses that educators experience by some directors and supervisors, who act like the “scabs” themselves, being repudiated by all the teachers”, said Víctor Venegas from Fenatev.

The teacher assured that these cases (abuses) will also be denounced before international organizations that watch over human rights. That is why the Barinas educators unions will remain on the streets, demanding their labor rights.