Venezuela’s Pdvsa repairs oil spills in the Golfete de Coro, but there are still active two gas leaks and one drinking water leak


This Thursday, September 21st, it is planned to complete the repair work on the underwater pipelines that cross the Golfete de Coro, that run from Zulia State to Falcón State to bring supplies to the Paraguaná Refining Complex (CRP) in northwestern Venezuela.

Por Irene Revilla // Correspondent

Fishermen from the Paraguaná Peninsula learned that PDVSA began repair work on the pipeline that had two oil leaks last weekend, and this Wednesday, September 20, they would be putting the final clamp on one of the breaks, while the other will be fitted this Thursday 21st.

“On Monday there was no work because PDVSA was manufacturing the clamps, but today (Tuesday) one had already been installed, the other is still not here. Although there is no longer an oil leak, because it has already been plugged,” said an oil worker who preferred not to be identified.

He said that the two leaks in the gas pipeline remain active and they also detected a large leak of drinking water from the Bolivarian Aqueduct main pipeline that was created to bring water to the Paraguaná Peninsula.

The fishermen of Paraguaná reported that during the weekend, when the direction of the wind changed, the crude oil that reached the shores of Punta Cardón and Tiguadare flowed back to the open ocean. “There was no cleaning of the affected areas, nor was the spilled oil removed with absorbent booms, as was done previously. The water cleaned itself,” said one who was fishing in Punta Cardón this Wednesday.

Fishermen in the area hope that PDVSA Gas will begin inspections to repair the two remaining gas leaks. One of them has been ongoing since last January and represents a great danger for boats that transit through the area in addition to generating strong pollution that affects marine flora and fauna.