Maduro lets Colombians enter Táchira more easily and generates reactions from the opposition (VIDEO)

Maduro lets Colombians enter Táchira more easily and generates reactions from the opposition (VIDEO)

Maduro lets Colombians enter Táchira more easily and generates reactions from the opposition



Nicolás Maduro ordered this Monday to ease the entry of Colombians into Táchira State, following a proposal by Governor Freddy Bernal.

By Anggy Polanco / Correspondent

The measure seeks to boost the economy, tourism and binational exchange, but has also generated mixed opinions among opposition deputies.

According to Bernal, who presented the proposal during the program “With Maduro+”, the Government could make an executive exception that would allow Colombians to visit the 29 municipalities of the state with minimal controls, without waiting for the reform of the Treaty of Tonchalá.

“This will allow us to boost the economy, generate employment, growth and a better relationship in the exchange of goods and people between Colombia and Venezuela,” said Bernal, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism and businessmen invited to the program.

Then Maduro said: “I agree, if it is possible to make this measure more flexible for the economy and tourism of Táchira. Once the flexibility has been approved, it should be executed, published and carried out.”

The Colombian Consul in San Cristóbal, David Hadad Clavijo, stated that he received the news with great pleasure, since they had been discussing this proposal with Governor Bernal and the Mayor of San Cristóbal, Silfredo Zambrano.

In his opinion, the measure will facilitate commercial exchange and border union between the two countries.

Hadad hopes it will be enacted very soon, since “the San Sebastián Fairs are coming up and it is a very important opportunity for Colombian businessmen to present their products in the Colombia Pavilion.”

On the other hand, from the Legislative Council of Táchira State (CLET), the deputy for the opposition faction, Mauricio Valencia, declared that the flexibility of the entry of Colombians without greater controls is a positive measure, because “we have always been a region integrated with Colombia.”

Valencia expressed that on the Venezuelan side there are many challenges with public services. Although it is true that the region has tourism potential, it cannot be denied that this tourism potential has great obstacles in the face of a severe crisis in public services, especially electrical energy service.

That ‘s why he considered it important that the governor also told Maduro about the purchase of electrical power from Colombia.

Ricardo Hernández, deputy by the opposition bench, demanded that foreign tourists be guaranteed the legal mechanisms to avoid the racket and graft every time they set foot in Tachira territory.

He agreed that this measure will promote tourism and income of foreign currency that can be used to improve roads, electricity and other services.