Businessmen from Táchira propose a 1% tax rate to boost the border economy

Businessmen from Táchira propose a 1% tax rate to boost the border economy

Empresarios de Táchira proponen alícuota tributaria del 1% para impulsar la economía fronteriza



To reactivate the economy and save companies in the border region with Colombia, the president of Fedecámaras Táchira (Federation of Chambers de Commerce), Maximiliano Vásquez, proposed this Thursday a flat tax rate of 1% for all productive sectors.

Anggy Polanco / Correspondent

The proposal is based on the Tax Harmonization Law, which regulates the tax system at the level of mayors and governorships (State governments) of Venezuela, and establishes a table of rates between 1% and 5%, depending on the category.This harms certain companies and employment.

Vásquez presented his proposal in a meeting with the General Secretary of the Government of Táchira State, Geovat Huérfano; Representatives of the Legislative Council and business unions, who supported the initiative and requested the simplification the tax system, expand the tax base and promote the formalization of companies.

Yionnel Contreras, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Táchira, said that the current rate of 3.5% for industry and commerce patents, to this one must add national taxes, which represents a tax of 13.8%, which cannot be paid by any company. That is why he asked that 1% be charged to all merchants, not just the 15% who pay taxes, according to Chamber’s statistics.

Juan Medina, representative of the ‘García de Hevia’ Merchants Association, and Melisa Ávila, Director of the Táchira Gastronomic Association, also stated their support for the Fedecámaras proposal and requested that the quality of life in the municipalities be improved with the taxes collected.

Huérfano promised to talk with Governor Freddy Bernal to find a solution to this situation and avoid the closure of companies. “We agree with the businessmen so that they do not close,” he said.