Coalition for Human Rights and Democracy requested cautionary measures from the Iachr for Venezuelan political prisoners

El Helicoide, Sede de SEBIN, Caracas


Kevi Zambrano, Director of the Coalition for Human Rights and Democracy, declared that the NGO presented in Washington the serious situation of civilian and military prisoners.

Human rights activists met with commissioners and rapporteurs to warn about the risk in which political prisoners in Venezuela find themselves within the framework of the 188th period of regular sessions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held in Washington.

Kelvi Zambrano, on behalf of the Venezuelan NGO, asked the IACHR for cautionary measures in favor of all Venezuelan political prisoners.

“We insist on a monitoring mechanism for Venezuela. We request that they pay attention to the request for a cautionary measure to be presented in favor of the union members and for Captain Sequea.”

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