At least eight Venezuelan nationals from Falcón State have been kidnapped in Mexico

The group as it left Punto Fijo on October 14th


When trying to reach the United States illegally, eight Falcón State residents were kidnapped in Mexico last November 10th.

By Irene Revilla / Correspondent

The families reported that the group left from the ‘La Rosa’ sector, in the Carirubana Municipality of Falcón State in western Venezuela, to seek a better future in the United States. Upon arriving in Mexico they were allegedly kidnapped by the Mexico Cartel, which contacted their families, and is asking for $2,800 for each one of the captives.

These young Venezuelans are Jhordy Sequera, Ricardo Sequera, Yohanderson Quevedo, Eliezer Campos, Anny López, Luvianny Chirinos, Roxana Morales and Yunior Morales. They left Punto Fijo on October 14th, and their relatives have been very worried since they received the bad news because they have no way to pay that money.