Arbitrary detention one of Encuentro Ciudadano leaders was reported to international human rights organizations in Venezuela

Esperanza Piñeros, sister of the detainee


The President of the political party ‘Encuentro Ciudadano’, Delsa Solórzano, denounced this Wednesday that officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) in Carabobo State, detained Nelson Piñeros a local leader of this party in the early hours of this November 22nd. correspondent

From the outskirts of the Sebin headquarters in the Naguanagua Municipality in Carabobo State, Solórzano pointed out that armed officials entered Piñeros’ residence without any type of court order. The arrest was carried out in the presence of his minor son.

“Nelson managed to communicate with several party leaders and when he requested a court order was from the officials, they did not show him any type of order. “The raid and his arbitrary arrest have been carried out without any type of order,” Solórzano reiterated.

She indicated that Piñeros is detained at the Sebin headquarters, but his family members and his private lawyers, Gabriel Ramírez and Richard Ribas, have not been able to see him.

For her part, the detainee’s sister, Esperanza Piñeros, stated around 2:30 in the afternoon that the officials have not allowed her to give her brother food, water and clothing.

She reported that she arrived at the scene at 8:00 a.m. this Wednesday to ask for information about Piñeros’ status.

“The Sebin entered my home in a brutal way because they climbed up the bars, they arrived, my brother lives in the upper part of my house with my father who is 83 years old and his son who is 13 years old. They entered with long weapons, short weapons, a commission of about 10 people, five trucks. They took him away around 11:00 or 12:00 at night. I found out about 2:00 in the morning because I saw my cell phone had a voice note from him saying that Sebin was looking for him,” said Esperanza Piñeros.

The sister pointed out that the officials searched the property and took away the detainee’s computer and cell phone.

“The call is to respect rights. Why are they breaking into my property like that? According to them they have a search warrant, where is the judge or the prosecutor who accompanied that search warrant into my house? Then they get in. The arrest warrant never appeared, where is it?” She questioned.

“Opinion is not a crime”

Delsa Solórzano commented that the leader of Encuentro Ciudadano is known for his presence in his social networks and for his critical opinions against Nicolás Maduro’s government . Given this, Solórzano stressed that giving an opinion is not a crime.

“The only reason why Nelson is here illegitimately deprived of liberty, according to the officials themselves, is because of the opinions he expresses on social networks. I am not aware of which specific message or post from Nelson may have caused this, but in any case, no message on any social network is a crime, giving an opinion is not a crime,” she said.

She reported that the complaint was raised to international human rights organizations.