According to businessmen the expected economic growth in Venezuela was not met this year

Expectativas de crecimiento económico en Venezuela no se cumplieron este año, según empresarios



The President of Fedecámaras, Adán Celis, stated that the first three quarters of this year did not result the expected outcomes, which is why the expected growth, which was forecast to be between 6% and 7%, will not be met.

Dexcy Guédez // Correspondent

He ratified that the progress of companies depends on a combination of elements that have not yet occurred, mainly changes in the legal framework, because these continue to be based on controls and that does not allow the release of businesses’ potential, which in turn facilitates the financing.

They also affect the times for the transformation and training process in companies, so that of all this leads to a free productive economy under the necessary comprehensive changes.

“Despite the difficulties we face due to legislation and tax burdens to deal with, every day a ‘Santamaría’ (door, gate) opens, an industry is born, crops are planted in the fields or someone opens an inn,” said Celis.

For her part, Tiziana Polesel, Second Vice President of the Venezuelan business leadership, assured that some companies are affected by the impact and burden of high taxes.

“We have high rates and usage fees that in some cases have to be reviewed and that would help prevent so many establishments from closing,” she said from Margarita Island in eastern Venezuela.

From the headquarters of Fedecámaras Nueva Esparta State, the representatives of the affiliated chambers of commerce raised the issue of some of the obstacles that weaken productivity, among them the disastrous public services, their costs, the municipal tax burden, and registration and notary fees.

Likewise, she mentioned to the lack of credit because, in her opinion, a business like tourism requires consumer credit so that tourists can guarantee themselves, without too many limitations, the enjoyment they seek in this area of the country.

At the business conclave held over the weekend in Margarita, the need to review the procedures for foreign investment that would only apply in the island state was raised, such as the issue of some permits that must be granted by the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone, which which they consider to be very limiting.