Direct flights between Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, and Boavista, Brazil, will favor commerce and tourism in the region

Conexión aérea entre Puerto Ordaz y Boavista favorecerá intercambio comercial y turístico en la región




There are already several working groups in which businessmen from Bolívar State have sought alliances to make possible the opening of an air route that would connect southern Venezuela with the north of the Federative Republic of Brazil, from the Manuel Carlos Piar airport. in Puerto Ordaz and the Boavista airport.

By Pableysa Ostos / Correspondent

The most recent meeting to achieve this objective was held with public institutions as well as with the board of directors of Rutaca Airlines, which reiterated its support to formalize the opening of this new air route that initially, would have one weekly flight.

The director of Rutaca Airlines Business Relations, Carlos Villegas, described the meeting as successful. In this meeting was proposed the development of tourist routes and circuits that could be activated through the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism, highlighting the importance of economic and cultural development of both countries.

“Count with Rutaca Airlines to contribute and support to the development of this economic hub,” said Villegas through a press release from Fedecámaras Bolívar.

For his part, Austerio González, provisional President of Fedecámaras Bolívar, reaffirmed that the connection of both countries represents an opportunity to develop tourism in the region.

He insisted that Venezuela, specifically Bolívar State, enjoys natural attractions that would guarantee the visit of tourists coming from northern Brazil.

In addition, he emphasized that this connectivity also represents an advantage for the productive area, since it would facilitate the transfer of goods, particularly when the land route currently is not in optimal conditions.

Likewise, he stated through the press release that this would bring benefits for the healthcare sector since there are citizens of Brazilian nationality who visit Venezuela to undergo surgical procedures.