About 450 wildfires have been reported in Venezuela’s Carabobo State so far this year

About 450 vegetation fires have been reported in Carabobo State Venezuela


According to estimates by the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of San Diego in matters of Risk Management and Adverse Events Analysis and former Vice President of the Integrated Civil Protection and Firefighter System of Carabobo State, Jacobo Vidarte, during the month of January 2024, around wildfires 450 have been registered this central state.

lapatilla.com correspondent

Vidarte indicated that at least 15 vegetation fires have occurred every single day throughout the state.

He clarified that this type of fires affects low vegetation such as grass and bushes, while forest fires occur in forests, jungles and mountainous areas.

He highlighted that almost 100% of vegetation and forest fires are directly linked to human intervention.

The aid and rescue expert explained that these fires can be caused by: cigarettes and tobacco thrown “al monte seco“ (dry vegetation, into the dry mountain) at this time of the year (dry season); People who collect cans, plastic or glass and who seek, through fire, to clear a certain area; unconscious people; pyromaniacs; poachers who try to forcibly displace certain species to confine them; hikers with little experience or knowledge in handling campfires; and fireworks, among other causes.

He pointed out that to fight forest and vegetation fires, the guard team is subjected to great work pressure and significant wear and tear is generated on the equipment used.

Affected communities

Last Saturday, January 27th, a forest fire was recorded on ‘El Café’ hill in the Naguanagua municipality that, in addition to the environmental damage, affected the residents of neighboring communities affected by the large amount of smoke.

Vidarte pointed out that smoke can also affect high and medium voltage lines. Likewise, it is common for a haze to occur after the fire, which only dissipates with the wind or rain.

He added that these fires directly impact the flora and fauna, as well as may also affect bodies of water in the area.

He highlighted that an area impacted by a forest fire regenerates completely naturally in a period of approximately 50 years if other fires do not occur during that time.

The former Vice President of the Integrated Civil Protection and Firefighters System of the state of Carabobo mentioned that reporting a fire early can make a difference, which is why he recommended that the population alert the fire departments in case this type of event occurs and as soon as they are spotted.