Lechería Councilors work to prevent child exploitation through the “Break the cycle” program in eastern Venezuela

Concejales de Lechería trabajan para evitar explotación infantil a través del programa “Rompe el ciclo”




The ‘Diego Bautista Urbaneja’ Municipal Council of Anzoátegui State, is working to provide a legal framework for the plan implemented by the Mayor of Lechería to prevent the exploitation of children and adolescents in this touristic city.

“We have to support this initiative implemented by Mayor Ferreira and give it a legal framework through an ordinance that supports it, because this way we ensure that our boys and girls are not exploited,” said Gabriel Vargas, President of the Municipal Chamber.

Lechería is known as the most prosperous city in eastern Venezuela. This makes it an ideal place for those who are dedicated to this type of crime, such as child exploitation through begging, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

“We must and are focused on protecting our future, these are not only boys and girls from Lechería, they also come from other municipalities. This has been ascertained in the operations deployed by the mayor’s office, it is a risk for them,” Vargas said.

For his part, Councilor Yuri Prieto, who has the responsibility of directing the drafting of the ordinance, states that: “we must work very well on this protection (ordinance), by safeguarding a healthy childhood, we are safeguarding the future of our country.”

The councilors ratified the commitment to promote a healthy childhood and access to all the rights of children and adolescents, such as food and education, to improve their future without violations, because “to have the country we dream of, we must start to protect the future,” Vargas added.

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