Being young in Venezuela “is resisting a regime that only seeks to end the future”

Aseguran que ser joven en Venezuela “es resistir ante un régimen que solamente busca acabar con el futuro”




Being young in Venezuela translates into a single word: “Resistance.” This is how Zuleika Meneses, activism coordinator of ‘Voluntad Popular- Táchira’ and the ‘Alliance of Political Women’, describes life during the celebration of Venezuela’s Youth Day.

Anggy Polanco / Correspondent

Meneses stated that the young people who remain in this country try to resist and avoid leaving the because they do not want to leave, and where they are professionals but without any opportunities to advance.

“To be young in Venezuela is to resist a regime that only seeks to end the future,” she expressed.

But she pointed out that the youth of Táchira continue to look for alternatives to live day to day in the midst of a critical situation, they seek daily sustenance for their homes and families.

“Being young in Venezuela means never even thinking about getting the flu, because medication and going to a doctor’s appointment is very expensive, and the hospitals in our state do not have the necessary supplies, not even to give the most basic care. They can’t treat any illness, even if it is simple,” she remarked.

The youth leader commented that many try to look for alternatives with entrepreneurship, that they never know if at some point they can turn them into companies because there are many obstacles along the way.

“Being young in Venezuela is fighting every day with anxiety and depression because we don’t see a light on the path,” she expressed.

Although many young people from Táchira fight against thoughts of emigrating, they remain resilient and demonstrate resistance overtly, standing up for the country.

“I admire all the young people who continue to fight for a better country, who have not given up, I want to congratulate the young people on our day.”

To work instead of study

For Rubén Montevideo, educator and Communication Coordinator of Vente Venezuela -Táchira, the young people of Venezuela face a cruel reality, since those under 25 years of age have only experienced a regime that has taken away their enthusiasm and hope of progressing.

“Low purchasing power demands that we work instead of study, and even that we only study with a sight to emigrate,” Montevideo mentioned.

He recalled that in previous years, perhaps due to some misused actions or mistakes by the opposition, many young lives were lost during the fight for freedom.

“Although hope is glimpsed today, we remain firm, even the few young people who remain, and our fight is for a country full of hope, where we can exercise ethics and honesty,” he added.

Montevideo demanded that the electoral registration be opened in the National Electoral Registry and free elections be held.

José Gregorio Mora, a young lawyer and also a member of the Vente Venezuela team in this state, agreed that being young in Venezuela is living in resistance, because “young Venezuelans live the reality of a system that destroys dreams and that hits every day again and again our human integrity.”

He stated that as a young person it is very frustrating to live in Venezuela, where reality shows you the face of an uncertain future. However, this year something peculiar happens, after many years there is an air of hope in the streets.

“This year, young people have the opportunity to take the reins of our future forever,” he added, and invited the young people of the state to join the social movements that support María Corina Machado.